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Rachel Clifton - Dwarf Lops

Feeding/Housing Dwarf Lops

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Feeding Dwarf Lops

Allen and Page feed

Allen and Page feed

Russel Rabbit Original Mix

Housing Dwarf Lops

The 3ft hutches for show bucks/resting does

4ft hutches for pets/does with litters

The second block of 3fts for pets/show bucks

My Dwarf Lops are fed on Allen and Page Natural Rabbit pellets,ideal for smaller breeds, and also as they are a pellet not a mix, great for rabbits who tend to pick out the bits they like and leave the bits they don't, often missing out on essential vitamins/minerals.
It contains 23% fibre, 12% protien and 3.25% oil
It is also cheap to buy in bulk, costing me only 6 for 20kg. However a couple of fussy eaters are on Russel Rabbit Mix, they do pick out the bits they like however they will not touch the Allen and Page feed! This is more expensive however and I end up paying near to 1 for 1kg, which works out at 12 for 15kg.

I also make sure that hay is avaliable 'ad-lib' and veg (cauliflower leaves, carrots, celery or broccoli) gets fed twice - three times a week.

My Breeding does are kept in 4ft X 2fts and y resting does/show bucks are kept in 3ft X 2ft hutches.